It’s one of those things not openly discussed. Intimate hygiene.

I was 14 the first time I had an infection. I didn’t want to tell my mom and hoped it would go away. It didn’t and I had to tell her. I saw a doctor who prescribed some medication and the infection cleared up. It wasn’t my last infection though.

Amina. That was the name of the lady that gave me a light bulb moment. We met when I had just begun working and I noticed she carried a little container with her to the washroom any time she needed to go. She explained to me that she cleaned with water every time she used the washroom and she couldn’t ever remember having an infection. She gave me an analogy that stayed with me since. She said, “If you smear mud on your hand and wipe it with toilet paper, will it all go?” It was such an aha moment for me!

When I met my gynecologist next and shared Amina’s titbit, he admitted that the best way for a lady to clean themselves after calls of nature was with clean water. In addition to little to no infections, it left a woman smelling fresh all day. So, I began to use water (but only at home cause let’s face it, carrying containers around was not too convenient).

But now I had been introduced to something better. I began to resent the use of toilet paper. I had fallen for the seduction of a perfectly clean and squeaky feeling and there was no turning back.

I had just had my son and I had baby wipes that I used on him. It occurred to me that I could use them as well when outside the house for the clean, fresh feel without the inconvenience of carrying water containers around. I began to use them and it was great. There was only one problem, you couldn’t flush them. My toilets clogged enough times for me to realize this was not a workable solution.

As my son grew older and was out of diapers and now a big boy in school, he often came home with skid marks (fellow mothers I’m sure you can relate). It’s not that he wasn’t cleaning properly, he was cleaning exactly as taught, but toilet paper just wasn’t cutting it.

I had opportunities to fly out of the country and noticed something on their supermarket shelves I didn’t see back home. Flushable toilet wipes! Problem solved! I would buy stock for months for my son and I. But then my friends started to ask for some for themselves and their young ones (and also for the first-born boys… we all know the skid marks are not restricted to little boys only but then that’s a story for another day).

Happy Touch was born to respond to this need. To bring an item so vital to your hygiene, health, and well-being not to mention peace of mind closer home. I can’t begin to explain how convenient this little gem is. It fits into any handbag, school bag and can easily hide into your palm as you walk to the washroom. It completely eliminates the need for carrying water and containers around, it is discreet and leaves you fresh and squeaky clean. There is also a large pack designed to be placed in home bathrooms. The best thing, however, is infections are a thing of the past!

Try one pack today and feel the difference.