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Aqua Happy Touch Wipes best for delicate Skin (NEW)

The Aqua Happy Touch Wipes (NEW) is specially formulated for sensitive skin, which is ideal for newborn babies, and perfect for persons with the most delicate skin. Similar to our happy touch Flushable product, Happy Touch Aqua wet wipes are a personal cleansing alternative to toilet paper. They are hygienic, made of Aloe which provides you with anti-microbial protection you need. Aloe is well known as the best product for sensitive skin but what makes aqua wipes different, it that’s for use on more delicate skin, like for a newborn baby.

Why Aqua Happy Touch Wipes?

  1. It's perfect for delicate skin like that of a newborn baby.
  2. Aqua wipes are flushable, they can replace your toilet papers.
  3. They are biodegradable wipes hence good for keeping a clean environment.
  4. Formulated for sensitive skin.
  5. It contains 99% water, hence safe to wipe hands, face, etc.
  6. Nicely packaged for, use while traveling, school going kids, etc.
  7. It’s way affordable compared to other products in the similar category.
The Aqua wipes are basically great for anyone from babies, growing kids, moms, women. Happy touch products are the perfect gift you can send to people you care about in your life. Give someone a reason to be happy, it may be a friend, a relative, or your partner! Aqua wipes new pack comes in two sizes 60s and 20s. The packaging is well done, making it easy to use, as you carry on with your day to day activities. Happy touch wipes can be used by all people from school students (Primary, high school, and tertiary levels), at homes, and hotels as well. Our customers love this product, we have great feedback from those who bought it and therefore we would definitely recommend it for you and your family.
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Happy Touch Flushable Wet Wipes


About Happytouch flushable wipes (for toddlers children of all sizes and everyone else)

Superior Clean - Wavy CleanRipple texture provides softness while removing more - cleans better versus using dry bath tissue alone. 100% flushable & the No. 1 Flushable Wipe Brand in Kenya Immediately Starts to Break Down After Flushing – Happy Touch bathroom wipes break down 6X’s faster than any other  wipes out there and are sewer-safe & septic-safe with SafeFlush Technology Moist simple wet wipes made from fibres that are 100% biodegradable  
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