What inspired happy touch wet wipes!

The Inspiration behind Happy touch wipes came from Potty training my son.
Before potty training, I had no problem as I used cotton wool with water and would wrap the used cotton wool inside the diaper and dispose of them.

Potty training, however, came with challenges. Tissue paper wasn’t really working for us, so we continued using cotton wool and water, but this quickly became unhygienic and cumbersome because disposing of the used cotton wool was a big challenge.

After a bit of research, I discovered flushable wipes from Europe. They were also hypoallergenic which meant that they were just perfect for my son’s sensitive skin. The only challenge was they were not available in Kenya and I had to keep sending friends and family whenever they traveled to Europe to buy them for me.

Apart from using them on my son, I soon discovered that the wipes were multipurpose and I could also use them myself especially when I was on my period, or for make-up removal. Whenever my friends used the wipes, they would ask me to get some for them. The business idea was thus born when I realized that there was a demand for flushable wipes in Kenya.

My son came up with the name Happy Touch for the wipes. They are flushable, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, PH balanced, and alcohol-free.

This story was featured in the Standard Magazine.

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